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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Use and benefits of san pedro cactus,

  Use and benefits of san pedro cactus

In Peru, several species of cactus have been part of the resources used by the ancient Peruvians since pre-Columbian times. The first settlers of the coast used for the production of household utensils such as needles, pins, hooks and combs (especially with the thorns of the species Neoraimondia arequipensis)Cactus has been consumed since those times. Moreover, a constant in the many art expressions of pre-Inca cultures is linked to magical-religious purposes of a columnar cactus known as  "achuma" or "San Pedro" (Echinopsis pachanoi), which was the central axis of these ancient practices.Nowadays, the most popular uses are ornamental plants of various species, among the most important are the globular cactus genres such as Matucana, Oroya, pygmaeocereus and Echinopsis, and some of them are offered in various online gardening plant stores. Another important use is the alimentary. The fruit of several cactus species are edible and are part of the diet of many Peruvian villagers.
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