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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

San pedro cactus, "achuma, wacuma or huachuma"

"San Pedro" (Echinopsis spp.) is a columnar cactus that is distributed in northern Peru and has traditionally been used in divination ceremonies and folk medicine since pre-Hispanic times to the present day. "San Pedro" is used to make a drink known as "achuma or huachuma" which causes visual and auditory hallucinations as a result of of the intake of mescaline alkaloid, which is found in their tissues. At least 4 more species of the genus Echinopsis also possess this alkaloid, being the most famous after pachanoi E. and E. peruviana . 
The genus Echinopsis is categorized in the Appendix II of CITES, so the export of copies and derivatives demands particular paperwork and arrangement; in order to not significally impact in local populations as a result of the extraction of wild specimens

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