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Friday, December 6, 2019

Preparation: How “ peruvian torch and san pedro cactus” are dehydrated


The procedure for obtaining the dried material was the same as local traders from Lima - Peru said, as well as the villagers in the Peruvian highlands:

I. First, the selection of each cactus, thorns from the stems are removed and then transversely cut fresh branches of peruvian torch and San Pedro...

II. Secondly, longitudinal cuts through the ribs or "stripes" of the plant is performed. Once separated, the cuts proceed to remove the white part of the vascular bundles, - this portion corresponds to the succulent tissue which is stored most of the water in the plant.

III. The only portion that is left is the clorofiliano parenchyma or "chlorenchyma" located on the inner walls of the floor by the epidermis. Once samples of san pedro and peruvian cactus (chlorenchyma) are obtained they are left to dry for approximately 7-10 days at room temperature . The end result of this process are lots of dehydrated san pedro called "shells" which are the basis for production san pedro and peruvian cactus powder.

To produce 1 kg of shell takes 46.5 kg of fresh cactus. This value is very close to the same as mentioned in the management plan, with a ratio of 50: 1 may be due to the lessen while spraying the product.

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