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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Species of Echinopsis genre: pachanoi vs peruviana


pachanoi vs peruviana, there is a description of  of the Peruvian cactus species, including information on distribution, endemism and state of preservation:

SAN PEDRO CACTUS - Echinopsis pachanoi

Basionym: Trichocereus pachanoi
Synonym: Trichocereus pallaresos
Description: Plant tree, 6 m high, mostly blue-green branches, ribs (4) 6-8, wide and rounded, with transverse depression on the areola, spines usually absent or scanty, small, <1 cm uneven. Yellow-brown, flower 23 cm. long, fair, dark , with black hair in the floral tube.
Distribution: Described in Cuenca, Ecuador, 2000-3000 m; it reaches Huancabamba, Piura; Lambayeque; Freedom; Quebrada Santa Cruz, Cordillera Blanca, Ancash, 3300 m.
Note: Its hallucinogenic properties due to its content in mescaline are well known Peruvian healers, they call it "San Pedro" and all pre-Hispanic cultures, from Chavin to the Incas, made empirical use of this plant (Ostolaza, 1984).
Conservation Status: Endangered
Note.  Known as "San Pedro hembra" 

PERUVIAN TORCH  CACTUS - Echinopsis peruviana

Echinopsis peruviana subsp. peruviana

Basionym: Trichocereus peruvianus
Synonyms: Trichocereus pachanoi peruviana form
Description: Body erect at the beginning, sometimes arches and hanging from the cliffs, it is 5 m long, blue-green, 6 to 15 cm. in diameter; 4-8 ribs, broad, rounded; V-groove on the areola, thorns 10 uneven, 4 cm. long; white, fragrant flowers 22-25 cm. long; fruit 5cm. in length and diameter, green, rounded, dehiscent.
Distribution: Fortaleza River Valley Cañete River valley, Lima Region. We found him on the road to Ocros 1900 m en route to Cajatambo, Pativilca, at 2700-3100 meters. On the way to 3300 m Cochamarca, Andajes way to 2700 m between Churín and Oyon to 3200-3400 m, in the valley of Huaura in small quantity. Most of this kind of plant is found in the way to Huancaya at 2900-3400 meters above the sea level and on the road to Yauyos, Cañete, 2500 to 3100 m. In much smaller amount in Matucana, and Lachaqui Rimac valley, Chillon Valley, 2500-3200 m. Lime
Condition: Endemic, Endangered.
Note.  Known as "San Pedro macho" due to the belief that it has higher content of mescaline E. pachanoi.

A Echinopsis peruviana vs B Echinopsis pachanoi
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